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2014-2015 Online Registration Process

Posted by pbellem to All,Registration on Aug 7 at 4:53 PM

2014-2015 Online Registration ProcessWelcome to a new Futsal season

Registration is about to begin and this year we have created an Online Registration Portal, to help people register themselves and other family members. This is a simple step to follow in order to create your account and start registering online.

Parent or Guardian you will have to register your own children and agree to the Consent forms on behalf of your children, so they will have to be in your Additional Players page. Account information will be the same for all people in the Additional Players page. You may add a secondary number to each person and some player notes on who they would like to play, or if a parent would like to coach.

Step 1:
Go to

Step 2:
Choose create account

Step 3:
Enter your information. If you played with us last year and have family members; use the email address we have on file for you from last year. This will copy all your family members under one account.

Step 4:
Check your email account for your activation email

Step 5:
Activate your account using the link in your activation email.  DO NOT GO TO STEP 5 UNTIL YOUR ACCOUNT IS ACTIVATED!!!

Step 6:
Login using your email address and the password you picked during step 3.

Download these instructions

Registration Process and Costs

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2014-2015 Online Registration Process
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